Thursday, March 4, 2010

Begging for Help

 I wanted to cry!Cry like a river until now. I wanna hate blogger for doing this to me ! Last Tuesday, I was busy planning for our upcoming business to establish within this month. I 've got no time like what I used to do when I am at our house that when I woke up, breakfast a little cleaning and I can sit on my pc. That day my routine somehow differ. I've got to check my blog at around 6pm due to busy planning and checking for things,stuff and finances to discuss to our upcoming business. In my surprise as I checked my dashboard post tab all as in ALL comments were not there. They disappear! But checking on the blog site it appears on my recent comments widget. I don't know what's happening. Going to bloggers help forum I have seen the same concerns but I have not seen any answer. I hope somebody can help me. I am not making any changes on my dashboard setting I really don't have any idea why this happen! Please fellow bloggers kindly a piece of help I am begging.. Like what I have read on one of the blog as I was adgitizing( I'm sorry I forgot the url) precious comments made us live and be inspired-bloggers.. Please help..

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ferry'zWILL said...

am sorry kha, I'm not the right person to help you... Hindi ko din alam eh

sadness naman yan..

kha said...

unga ei.. magbabad aq sa pc gang masolve ko to hehehe


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