Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going Back To the Old Times

A non sense but with sense.[ I do apologize for those whom can't get the story] I just want to say this to let my opinion to burst out. Something happened. Something someone cannot changed and can mark other peoples opinion about a certain person. It was really a shame but the hell the main character cares. Again a jackass moves happened. Exactly what had happened at the bar in front of Providence Condominium at the back of La Salle Taft beside St. Scholastica year 2006. It was really a funny but eww..hahaha It could be cool or yuck! Anyway that happened and mind those who might judged. That happened if a person is too happy or too sad. Next in line consequences! But the thing that make it somehow worth to worry was the type of people. Shallow, conservative, judgmental..Whatever!Beside others opinions doesn't make one live nor feed. It will affect the person and that person's life if only people around the main character will let the others affect them. 

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