Friday, March 5, 2010

Life In Taborea: The World Of Runes Of Magic”.

Huny is a great fan or should I say an addict on RPG's. First year with him was also part of learning things he loved to do and where he spend much of his time. I learned different e-games from him and eventually I just realized that I am also hooked-up in same addiction! It happened to be then that we were partners in games. What an addiction, right? So every time there a new e-game released we tend to give it a try. One of the e-games currently we are into it was the runes of magic We were trying to master how to live life in taborea with our control. This new MMORPG again made us to create our world full of our own imaginative ideas.

Here is a picture while huny was about to start to play.. It was his rest day and means our play day together.

While he was at the living room I  sneak out to peak at him. I was using my mom's pc so as we can play together.

 Huny's character was the Knight. Wherein he likes to see his avatar wearing massive armors and heaviest weapons.Like a typical game addict he wanted to be a super warrior character.

I play the role of priest. As a nurse in reality,I would like to transfer into a priest in taborea who has the ability to cure and revive the fallen.

We were recruiting real life friends to join us, as we conquer and  run our  lives in exciting and fun in Taborea.

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Ellen Joy said...

It's nice that both of you enjoy the game. :) Quite a good bonding activity considering that your Huny is addicted to MMPORG :)

If you have the time, please drop by and comment on my entry too. Good luck to us both. Ty


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