Monday, March 29, 2010

My Name on Them

I only had a very short name. It only consist of six letters and pronounced as two syllables. I always ask my mom why she named me that short. Also keep bugging her for my nickname when I was a child. As I grew and have friends I still wanted to a pseudo name which is somehow way differ from my real name. I envy those who can have guy nicknames whether they were a girl or vise versa. Or names a lot different from the real name. I have two, only two person call me differently and I love hearing my name on them! Maybe I can say due to my frustration having a nickname that make me love the way they address me.

First was Kristal of Krystallos Fidere. She was my classmate from Kinder to Grade 5. She was a very dear friend of mine and a partner in crime. Never knew she will end of being a proof reader when I was looking back on our old days. If I am naughty, she was twice of me. If I am frank convert twice as her. She calls me "Kar". Sounds like a car. But it feels music to my ears..She was the only person call me that name..Whenever and wherever she saw me.

Next was my architect super friend Nikki.  He is my childhood playmate and currently guy best friend. He calls me "Ren". I don't know why and how come he call me that way wherein our common friends calls me my whole name. [Maybe he has a lazy mouth :P] I once told him to call me "Renz". This was the name my fellow mountaineer friend calls me but he opt to. I don't know why we became good friends but he has a lot disgusts in me and he verbalized. Yet he chose to tell his sin biography and life journey,success and failures  to me :p With the two person I mentioned here, they already spelled correctly my name the way they address me.. Kar from Kristal and Ren from Nikki..KARREN. This is how my real name spells.

And I felt like those two sung my name.. It's good to here that way from them.


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ilovepink1078 said...

I'll try to check it my name too.
Thanks for this info.

til next!

faith said...

i'll give you reasons why i preferred calling you that way, KAR...
1. so that you wont be mistaken with our other classmate karen matanguihan
2. Kar sounds good to me (and i thought you dispised me for calling you that way, i remember you telling me, "hindi ako sasakyan") hahaha!
3. i'm a lazy-mouthed gal, karren (emphasizing the 'rr') is quite long for me
4. it's an endearment, since we're "good friends" back then...
i know i was the only one then calling you that way(^.^)... and it feels good giving some unique name for a dear friend...

kha said...

huwaw! I'm so touched!..uu nga I remember always saying "hindi ako sasakyan".. and I wanted before that you changed the way you calls me kasi dalaga na tayo..hahaha..Now I figured out and it feels good pala na iba talaga pag my originality even on the simplest friendship endearment..*wink*


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