Friday, April 2, 2010

I Wish April Fools Day is for Real

It was first day of April yesterday. And it was also an April fools Day! How I wish its true. That everything happen yesterday was just a big joke. I was so happy yesterday blog hopping reading GT's and enjoying all of it for the start of the month a yum yum topics. I never knew a really bad news will happen late at the evening. 

My Huny's youngest brother died last night at 9:07 PM. He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital due to a gunshot wound at his lower left abdomen. Joel is only 17 year old. He was so young to be a victim of a brutal crime like that. People whom witnessed the scene told that he saved a life of a friend. He supposed not to be the one going to be shot but he chose to alarmed the main person on target by pushing it on his back the moment he noticed that the suspect is about to get something on his side. He was rushed in the hospital and at the hospital he was declared already DOA.His wound never bleed that much and even never mess on his shirt and hospital staffs took time to look for his injury. Huny was so shock when he woke up hearing the news. He came from work and doesn't have enough rest for two consecutive days. I know he was in deep sorrow. He was still in shock and never talk that much like how he reacted last two years ago when we were engaged in a vehicular accident. He looks furious. I am here to comfort him and I know and feel that it wasn't enough for he was seeking for justice. I know him when he's mad and he rarely feels that way. He was really furious when he was. 

Kindly help us pray for the repose of Joel's soul.

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