Thursday, April 1, 2010

Leave Him Alone

 Please Diseases Leave Him Alone
Family's angel currently suffering from amoebiasis. After suffer from series of symptoms for three days now he was diagnosed with it. Poor Little boy. From the day he was born he really suffers a lot from different illnesses. I don't have any clue what was the cause why the child's immune system was not that healthy though upon my sil's pregnancy she herself with family and of coarse husband had been really taken cared of. I saw myself that the whole family is doing everything just to make Carl Joseph healthy and free from illnesses. They even grab the beliefs in different norms such as selling the child, make him as an offering to nature Gods etc. etc. Of coarse everyone wanted him to be healthy as much as possible. But still it is really rare for him not to get sick in a month. Not just simple coughs and colds but diseases that leads to confinement. He was already prepared emotionally and physically into an IV insertion because he was used to it . He never complains nor cry at all. He completed series of vaccination,childbirth examinations and vitamins are overflowing in their house and healthy foods always served. He also got a lot of nanny around since he was living with grand parents and grand grand parents to look after him and additional two person really focused on him which is her Aunt and Grandmother. Seeing the way they took care of him I can say it's perfect but still these sickness never leaves him! 
A brief history about him,he is a stillbirth baby.It happened that my sil went only for prenatal check-up February 02,2007 and supposed to deliver the baby in normal spontaneous type of delivery. It was an emergency cesarean operation. Using Doppler on examination the OB worried for the slow fetal heartbeat. An IE done and confirmed that an umbilical cord prolapsed. After the delivery Cj stayed for a month in the hospital for series of tests to be done and as well monitoring his condition. That maybe could only be the fact that I could depend on why he has a weak immunity.

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