Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Money Worth a Life?

It was so unnerving to hear such word from the suspects and their family offering money in exchange of Huny's brother life. I have posted here that incident happened last April fools day. We are heading now towards filing the case to the murderers. It really makes me want to curse the murderes and their families. They had this guts to bargain with the victim's family and saying such word that they can't get that sum of money in an instant. Huny's family was not wealthy but they are not beggars and not greedy for the money! They don't need any cent of it! They were after justice. As we are on our way to the fiscals office, riding along with the suspects in the police van, facing the murderers, they can even smile and neither they say sorry nor be ashamed to us. Even the parents of the murderers, they are a heck of killer ass*! I didn't see any proof of regrets to what their sons did.How come they were really like that? I wanna ask them if they still know God? The way they act seems they don't wear any conscience with their soul. Or did they have souls? I wanna ask them if the same thing happen to their son. If it was killed and they will be offered money. Will they accept it? Will they forget justice in exchange of money? 

I am aware that in terms of living everybody needs and wants money. But in situations like what was happening now, I don't think money is an option. 
We are praying for justice! Kindly help us pray too.


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ferry'zPROFESSION said...

haiz kha, sad but this is the reality. It happens not only in felix's situation but it was happening brutally all over the world. Just pray kha and I know if you can't get the justice you want in this world, pretty much sure that in God's time there'll be justice awaits on you.

Btw, do I know the criminals???

kha said...
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kha said...

We don't know them neither.. Taga Phase 4 and Housing

JENIE=) said...

the world is turning to trash. each time i look around i see how it was years ago when the the Israelites that was being saved by Moses was burned instead because they preferred to do bad than good.

it's happening all over again!

people are being more selfish each day, doing what pleases them no matter how God hates it. PEOPLE LIVES FOR THEIR PRESENT AND NOT AT ALL CONSIDERING THE LIFE AFTER.


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