Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taking Part

I joined the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting Organization to take part on the coming election. I have never been doing this ever since I became a registered voter. I am interested on politics but not on being part of it. I love discussions about politics but not involving myself too much. I have lots of opinions on my mind with regards to it but only few friends and family can heard me. Even before the Sangguniang Kabataan years a lot of parties in our place invites me to be part of but I beg to disagree to them  to complicate my active college life. Taking part for these years election is important for me. I am not quite sure if it is for real that the country will finally going to change but still a tiny space in my head and my heart hoping. Maybe I am thinking this way because I am thinking of being a future mom, for me and Huny soon beloved offspring. 

Funny to these place that the church can't even complete the numbers of volunteers wherein our parish has a lot of religious organization but unfortunately those organizations prefer to take part of the election with the parties who will give them money which is considered a vote buying way. That's how most but not all of religious people acts in our place. (dirty right?! that's what they are all through the years!)

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