Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Monday: Never Knew I Needed

Good friend Joy which was the first person I have known at the review center , introduce me this song. Though it was still not popularly heard on radio. It has a very colorful story behind the song for Joy. And more I like it when Ian , Joy's buddy, sung the song in a very hunk way while driving.. I just miss the peeps. The Parokya ni Butch. This coming Friday we will be having a get together here in our house..I am so excited for it.. Well each of us does.
This is my share for Music Monday. Come and enjoy each word of this song..It was so awesome.. Happy Music Monday Everyone.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Join Us @ BC Bloggers 4


I am really waiting for the opening of this great idea of Ms.Paula. The BC Bloggers. It was launched some time in April and it was a success. I have made mistakes for some instruction last BC Blogger but now I make sure I will make it. I won't like to miss this again.

BC Bloggers is not just getting links or exchanging links in an easy way.That was just the free advantage  It's all about gaining and getting to know other bloggers wherein we can find real friends for keep.

Join us at the 4th Batch of BC Bloggers. Just click the logo above and further instruction will make it easy for everyone.. See you there.. (=

Good Quality Keyboards

It is our day today. Our 47th month of being together. Instead of having a fine date and hanging around, Huny and I chose to set this date into productive one. Since we are starting our business in partnership with my brother, we have to think strategies, tips and everything that could help us to minimize the expenditures but not compromising the quality. Huny is a type of guy who aims to be perfect in everything. So he wanted to be our first business to be perfect based on his standards. We are currently canvassing for the keyboards that we were going to use to our computer rental shop. One of the best choice Huny kept on insisting me was to buy A4tech products. He was in the techy society for consistently 8 years and I trust and believe his decisions when it comes to brands that we need to consider or to choose from. Browsing the intranet regarding on A4tech backgrounds on computer supply, it didn't failed me to read positive feedback in different people in different sites. We went to the mall to check for the shops that sell A4tech gadgets.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hope For Baby Jon Angelo

 A little conversation from an old friend happened earlier at facebook. She was persistent in discussing me a particular subject regarding in doing for a good cause. I am not that good but I am not that insensitive to give my best to help others. I don't knew personally Baby Jon Angelo . But I once heard the news about him on a news. The time I heard it my heart melts that am eager to help for what I can do to help him. Unfortunately I was out of resources and became busy for the boards that unconsciously almost forgot what I supposed to do. Glad that a good friend reminds me, I almost blame her for not replying on my messages regarding on this matter. I was a bit ashamed when she answered me that she was giving me enough time and full concentration for the board that's why she didn't bother me.
Baby Jon Angelo
Baby Angelo's parents were both a nurse. They both knew how they can took care of their precious son, but the problem is the lifetime maintenance for Baby Jon is quite expensive wherein they need our help to continuously sustain for Baby Jon's medication.
They were selling cool and beautiful bracelets. For further information kindly click the caption on the picture above on how you can purchase or any means of helping them. 
Thank you in advance..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Difference

Photo by Clipartguide

Yeah rigth the difference. Got to post about my perception into the difference of the bad day and the good day. It's because for me today I wears a bad attitude and bad mood that makes an absolutely a bad day. It's how you handle the situation ayt? The attitude towards it. As for today, I started it with an irritating mood! I slept at three in the morning. I end my day happy customizing my blog headers ( yes! headerS plural form! :D) Novena before sleep and an "i love you" message from huny. I was waken up by my ever as usual naugthy eldest brother. He puts the ring bell unto my room and keep on buzzing to it.. FYI my room is just good for me and doesn't even have window. So the sounds were trapped only inside my room and its really annoying! Guess if he's done irritating me?! No he wasn't! He was not contented to it at all. He keeps knocking on my door though it was not locked and he also let our dogs in to wake me up! Grrr.! Who else on the world would feel good upon waking up with those disgusting ways?! He wakes me up early for what reason? hmm.. Nothing! That really pissed me of! It's okay if I have to do something important nor just any task they want me to do but there was none! haixxx.. Am really consider this a bad day!. Up until now I never had a good conversation to anybody in here. I don't want to talk much for I don't want conflicts. II will keep my silence till this mood subsides.

Monday, July 19, 2010

MM Lucky

Inlove, love and be love.. Happy listening dear folks..
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Snob Me; Here's What I've Got

When I plan to have a review in preparation for the Nursing Licensure Examination, I prefer or planned to be a snob. I don't want to have friends or peers so that I can focus. Very focus on my review. I even think of having a refresher coarse since I am bum for about a year and on my own precepts I have lots of inputs which my nursing knowledge have already been obsolete. Thank God am not that worst as I expected. I merely can recall  I did my best not to gain friends..hahaha [ but seriously I did] So I end up not having one ...Ooooppppsss in reverse not having only one but fifteen[15]! Yes fifteen! Consistent group of F-R-I-E-N-D-S. Imagine the more I tried to put myself away the mere fact I have more. Then who can say I am that mean?! hahaha.. I first met hot Geib's mom Joy . She was the first person whom dare to approach me..hahaha while I am in the middle of smoking. Nice to her approaching me and asking me to be with them [Joy and the ever snob/mean/yummy cook Ian]. It never crossed my mind that they were lovers not unlike what others used to think of.  Oh by the way it was Joy's birthday that day: April 9! I still prefer to be snob actually upon Joy's approach that night I planned to go to the review earlier than usual and sit in front wherein I know they didn't dare to sit too. hahaha silly right?.. that was what mean means..:p.. FYI guys know what, Ian only approach or talk to me after a week of being with them. He's that snob. He just give me nod at the start of the day and don't even say goodbye or any body gesture after the day ends..he's that mean!..[so there's mean-er than me hahaha] For about the whole month we remain three until Zhel arrived. I was the one approached her. I sensed her she's also a mean girl haahaha.. Small world she knew the other group of our classmate Robi,Doc, Rev, Marj, and they approach the ever sweet couple [hahaha Taba gonna hit me if he reads this!]Mark and Taba; Aleli is Marjo's schoolmate in PCU .Waldo huny's schoolmate/batchmate in RC. Kahr the Sarah G. avid fan, last late enrollee.[all of us were late enrollees] Bff  Weng and Lhen. Our godfather/ founder Butch. 
Those were the guys I have been with for three months. The joys, the laughs, the hardship and the camaraderie were priceless. And promised to stay Parokya for good! Another group of friends to treasure..  [whoa I got a lot more]

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where I Spent Most

I am not totally out of the site. Perhaps only on my own corner. I've been part of the site which my colleagues and future co-nurses made of. The Parokya ni Butch. Most of our berks were faithfully committed and somehow afraid of their partners though we are not doing anything wrong nor below the belt act, they just don't want issues into their sacred relationships. The main reason why the website was created. All the gigs, getaways and inuman sessions pictures posted only on this site. Most of us almost forgot using facebook meanwhile but a consistent by stander of the made one. The website was not just for fun, mind you guys we also have our virtual reviewers, different type and topic of reviews, schedules and other important events in the life of our profession. So this is not just for fun and a little bit hiding purposes but also a resources for the review..

I am part of making/customizing this. Glad the guys and gals love it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just For A Change

Just get a back after a long abstinence.hihihihi
New look.. 
Not so colorful 
And wears a furious beware... hahaha. 
This doesn't mean anything..
I just wanted the way it looks.. 
Now I am back full of my stories on absent journey..


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