Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Difference

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Yeah rigth the difference. Got to post about my perception into the difference of the bad day and the good day. It's because for me today I wears a bad attitude and bad mood that makes an absolutely a bad day. It's how you handle the situation ayt? The attitude towards it. As for today, I started it with an irritating mood! I slept at three in the morning. I end my day happy customizing my blog headers ( yes! headerS plural form! :D) Novena before sleep and an "i love you" message from huny. I was waken up by my ever as usual naugthy eldest brother. He puts the ring bell unto my room and keep on buzzing to it.. FYI my room is just good for me and doesn't even have window. So the sounds were trapped only inside my room and its really annoying! Guess if he's done irritating me?! No he wasn't! He was not contented to it at all. He keeps knocking on my door though it was not locked and he also let our dogs in to wake me up! Grrr.! Who else on the world would feel good upon waking up with those disgusting ways?! He wakes me up early for what reason? hmm.. Nothing! That really pissed me of! It's okay if I have to do something important nor just any task they want me to do but there was none! haixxx.. Am really consider this a bad day!. Up until now I never had a good conversation to anybody in here. I don't want to talk much for I don't want conflicts. II will keep my silence till this mood subsides.

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