Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Quality Keyboards

It is our day today. Our 47th month of being together. Instead of having a fine date and hanging around, Huny and I chose to set this date into productive one. Since we are starting our business in partnership with my brother, we have to think strategies, tips and everything that could help us to minimize the expenditures but not compromising the quality. Huny is a type of guy who aims to be perfect in everything. So he wanted to be our first business to be perfect based on his standards. We are currently canvassing for the keyboards that we were going to use to our computer rental shop. One of the best choice Huny kept on insisting me was to buy A4tech products. He was in the techy society for consistently 8 years and I trust and believe his decisions when it comes to brands that we need to consider or to choose from. Browsing the intranet regarding on A4tech backgrounds on computer supply, it didn't failed me to read positive feedback in different people in different sites. We went to the mall to check for the shops that sell A4tech gadgets.

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