Friday, July 23, 2010

Hope For Baby Jon Angelo

 A little conversation from an old friend happened earlier at facebook. She was persistent in discussing me a particular subject regarding in doing for a good cause. I am not that good but I am not that insensitive to give my best to help others. I don't knew personally Baby Jon Angelo . But I once heard the news about him on a news. The time I heard it my heart melts that am eager to help for what I can do to help him. Unfortunately I was out of resources and became busy for the boards that unconsciously almost forgot what I supposed to do. Glad that a good friend reminds me, I almost blame her for not replying on my messages regarding on this matter. I was a bit ashamed when she answered me that she was giving me enough time and full concentration for the board that's why she didn't bother me.
Baby Jon Angelo
Baby Angelo's parents were both a nurse. They both knew how they can took care of their precious son, but the problem is the lifetime maintenance for Baby Jon is quite expensive wherein they need our help to continuously sustain for Baby Jon's medication.
They were selling cool and beautiful bracelets. For further information kindly click the caption on the picture above on how you can purchase or any means of helping them. 
Thank you in advance..

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chubskulit said...

Naku pinipiga na naman ang puso ko while reading this... Will check out the link Kha, thanks for letting me know.

kha said...

sobrang tnx Ate Rose for giving time to check what this all about.. God bless

f e R r y j H o i said...

usap tau kha ng masinsinsinan about this.. I want to help of course by all means I could...


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