Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where I Spent Most

I am not totally out of the site. Perhaps only on my own corner. I've been part of the site which my colleagues and future co-nurses made of. The Parokya ni Butch. Most of our berks were faithfully committed and somehow afraid of their partners though we are not doing anything wrong nor below the belt act, they just don't want issues into their sacred relationships. The main reason why the website was created. All the gigs, getaways and inuman sessions pictures posted only on this site. Most of us almost forgot using facebook meanwhile but a consistent by stander of the made one. The website was not just for fun, mind you guys we also have our virtual reviewers, different type and topic of reviews, schedules and other important events in the life of our profession. So this is not just for fun and a little bit hiding purposes but also a resources for the review..

I am part of making/customizing this. Glad the guys and gals love it!

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