Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank You for the Fun

I was so down and depressed after the result of NLE released. Yes I did not make it and I can't understand why. I am pretty sure of all my answers but it turned out nothing. I even leave my blog in preparation for that right?! But where the hell it brought me? To sadness and despair. But that despair need not to show. I must be brave enough facing this kind of situation or else I will break  down which was the least thing I don't want to happen not for me but for my family who sees me as a tough person.
Too much of dramas. I just realized it was just a day after I felt too depress and then I managed to be out with girlfriends! What a fast recuperating ayt?! I still feel sadness when I think that still I can't work in a hospital by next month. But thinking that this sadness only make me freeze for any goals I wanted to pursue. I can do any other things that I know am better to and continue life more bubbly and goal directed. (pagsubok lang yan kha!) 

Yesterday girlfriends invited me to watched In Your Eyes which was the girlfriends and Ate Niko's want to watch and posted  on some of her entry. At the end of the movie all of us felt not so contented.hahaha. I don't know if the reason was number one: its us(mean girls) that  was looking for something not included in the movie;or two: The movie was really made incomplete. Hahaha either choices were But anyways I did enjoy the date. Especially the "suggestion part" hahaha..( bawal magsuggest at ikaw ang manglilibre!) I almost shouts that I failed NLE just to be free to treat all..hahaha See does it shows depression?! hahaha
 But seriously thank you girlfriends for lifting me up with your words(Nhene and Paul and Thata) And for the bubbly and game company of Ate Niko.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another 2 n 1

When it talks about movie, I really don't want to miss this kind of topic. As a matter of fact I do wants to join the Tuesday Couch Potato of Ms. Kikamz, one of the Marce Club whom also a friend of Girls Talks former and current hostess(Ate Niko and K). 

Since my fault and yes I keep on blaming my forget full me regarding on why I did not have a prepared scheduled post. Here's my 2 in 1 entry.

For a movie I watched with my sissy, My bru [ Lea Manirich Tuscano Dejarlo] most of the kind of movies we watched are those we can't watch with our other girl friends..hahahaha ..Those movies that was addressed as jologs,corny etc. It's not because we are those kind [jologs] but out of curiosity we watched. Though at the end of the film we  burts immediately in the cinema floor different comment or feedback whether we like it or not  that what we have seen and just laugh about it. Also horror movies. We are afraid of watching it but we want to. She can't horribly scream if she's with the other  girl friend, she's ashamed if she did and she must be..hahahaha.  She can't cry with the other gal friend in a movie house. The last movie we have seen was a year and 4 months ago. 

That was the tagalog horror movie T3. Starring Ms. Maricel Soriano and Mika dela Cruz, Angelika Dela Cruz younger sister. It was a story of Maricel whom an orphan and  when grew old works as a part time social worker who takes care of abandoned, lost or  orphan child and assisting in giving new family that will take good care of them or to its relatives. Mika which is a daughter of a man and a fairy. She was then an orphan and her relatives which also fairies wanted her to bring back to their immortal world but the child refuses and wanted to live  normally. Maricel fought for Mika and eventually became her guardian.

For a treat to an enemy, which I know as of now I don't have any, I would like to recommend the Bride Wars by Gary Winick featuring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway.In Manhattan, the lawyer Liv and the school teacher Emma have been best friends since their childhood. They both are proposed to by their boyfriends on the same day and they plan their wedding parties in Plaza Hotel, using the services of the famous Marion St. Claire. However, due to Marion's secretary's mistake, their weddings are scheduled for the same day. None of them agrees to change the date and they become enemies, trying to sabotage the wedding party of the rival.  
Hmm I can't think of any enemy I have watched or will be watching this but one thing for sure if I'd watched this with him/her, at the end of the movie we will realize one thing..What is it?..Well watched with an enemy then to know..hahahaha
Ladies' 4 Alarm Modern Talking Watch , Pearl Pink
This is my share for Girls Talk .. Now I am not late and I made it earlier!ha! :) Happy GT! Enjoy reading more of our girls sharing just click the badge.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Russian Spy

Finally got the chance to join Tuesday Couch Potato! Hurray! I've been so excited joining but don't find the time when and how will I start! Now I am in! My first entry was Salt by Angelina Jolie. Mislead ed by my title? I mean The reason I made an own title for it because I am expecting that I have common entries. For this movie is really worth watching and waited by many to be on aired. I adore so much Angelina Jolie that I watched all her movies from romance stories to "Bond" type movies and I am aware that I am not the only one does!. She always surprises me how good she performs every role. I've watched this movie with my  Huny. He has a deep feelings for Now we are both :) 

This is my first share on TCP! Happy TCP everyone!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Super Nikz

Seems like a superhero?! hahaha But yes she did to some of her friends. And I am so glad that we are now! Super thanks for the help and for the tutorials and most especially my new yet in the womb baby..wink ;D
In return to her kindness folks, kindly help me make her happier, and get to know her best at her babies.
click the picture to view best :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Back

I promised not to be absent on meme's that I have joined but I broke that promise and I am so sorry for that. I have forgotten our scheduled vacation to my Mom's hometown at Eastern Samar. Due to the very hectic and tiring schedule I have almost forgotten. Oh I did forgot ! That's why got no notice nor post before I leave. I just woke up the day we were leaving that it is then our flight at 5:30 in the afternoon. Good thing it was late afternoon and got time to packed my things. I am having a hard feeling to leave the business maybe that's one reason I forgotten the vacay. But no regrets now I have been there and I enjoyed it a lot. Now I am back and got to pay for the post I have missed. 

Here are some pictures I can share where I had my vacation. Hope you enjoy looking at those.

Don Romualdez Airport Tacloban City. Oh btw , it is also my first time flying.. (=
 Mom's Ancestral House near the Bay Asgad Eastern Samar
Senor San Roque Chapel
San Roque the Town's Patron
White sand sea shore
The Beach

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 Month Rule

click  image

It's not actually the title of the movie that I love and never get tired of watching of. It's just one of the famous line in a movie which my dear friend Nhene already featured on her blog as her entry on today's gt. I super love this movie and this is the very first Tagalog movie that Huny and I watched in the big screen. Yes this is the very first. We prefer english love story, animated,action and fiction movies. Details had just been posted by nene.It will look like I copied her entry so I guess I shoud've shared the line instead that was said by Popoy.
( at the restaurant, when they saw each other again, almost 3 months after the break up)

popoy: edi dapat i congratulate din naten si basha?
congratulations bash, sa wakas nakahanap ka din ng pamialit sakin!!
cheers tayo!! chino, kenneth!!!
"pare not so nice to meet you"

mark: pare tama na.

popoy: bash,hindi mo ba alam yung 3 month rule ha?
lahat ng nainlove at nakipagbreak ay alam yon. bash maghihintay ka muna, 3 buwan bago ka makipag boyfriend ulet. Hindi mo alam yon?!
bash may 2 linggo pa ako.
bat ba kating kati kang palitan ako? ha?

mark: tama na pare please.

popoy: malaki lang ang katawan mo pero hindi mo ko kayang patumbahin!!!

basya: popoy umuwi ka na!!!

popoy: sandali lang!!! lahat na ginawa ko na!!! putang ina naman bash ganyan ka ba katigas?! parang awa mo na kahit sumagot ka naman!!!

popoy: (smiles then cried) "mahal na mahal kita, kahit ang sakit sakit na."

Oh by the way I so love when John Lloyd cries, nakakatouch at nakakahawa!As if I can feel the pain he feels! superb!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Hello World! :D 

Got no time to post that's why this corner seemed abandoned but it's not. Actually I have plans to but finally decided to not. This blog may or may not give me any profit I have decided not to abandon, because this is my first blog and serves to be my book of my life. I have had started here so , long live these blog lol. Oh by the way thank you people for passing by at my mansion here. I so loved your foot prints on my chats.. Gracias! 

Reunited number 1! 
I am again reunited with my blog.Though no good news at all about my missing PR and blocked  account but as what I have decided that I am not gonna leave this behind or just remain this corner in the corner.hihihihi 

Reunited Number 2! 
It has been a busy schedule for both of us. Actually I never expects that this day will come again. Though we are incomplete yet it was the same feelings as before that nothing's happened. New stories, new sharing but same old bonding and feeling. How open we are to each other. How we share thoughts, ideas and past hatreds to each other. How we learned new things together. How we again revived the relationship that has been buried for a year and 2 months. It was such a great intense happy feeling of sharing the same old laughs with you Bru.

I am starting to recuperate from a busy life or just to say getting used to it. Now I am comfy blogging and already accepted though Mr. G doesn't love me, I still love Time will come he will explain to me everything and give me everything and also those I did not ask for hahahaha.
Beloved friendships kindly visit me at my happy borned health sharing blog and our cheesy history blog. Hope to see you Sissy's there.. Love.Love.Love


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