Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 Month Rule

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It's not actually the title of the movie that I love and never get tired of watching of. It's just one of the famous line in a movie which my dear friend Nhene already featured on her blog as her entry on today's gt. I super love this movie and this is the very first Tagalog movie that Huny and I watched in the big screen. Yes this is the very first. We prefer english love story, animated,action and fiction movies. Details had just been posted by nene.It will look like I copied her entry so I guess I shoud've shared the line instead that was said by Popoy.
( at the restaurant, when they saw each other again, almost 3 months after the break up)

popoy: edi dapat i congratulate din naten si basha?
congratulations bash, sa wakas nakahanap ka din ng pamialit sakin!!
cheers tayo!! chino, kenneth!!!
"pare not so nice to meet you"

mark: pare tama na.

popoy: bash,hindi mo ba alam yung 3 month rule ha?
lahat ng nainlove at nakipagbreak ay alam yon. bash maghihintay ka muna, 3 buwan bago ka makipag boyfriend ulet. Hindi mo alam yon?!
bash may 2 linggo pa ako.
bat ba kating kati kang palitan ako? ha?

mark: tama na pare please.

popoy: malaki lang ang katawan mo pero hindi mo ko kayang patumbahin!!!

basya: popoy umuwi ka na!!!

popoy: sandali lang!!! lahat na ginawa ko na!!! putang ina naman bash ganyan ka ba katigas?! parang awa mo na kahit sumagot ka naman!!!

popoy: (smiles then cried) "mahal na mahal kita, kahit ang sakit sakit na."

Oh by the way I so love when John Lloyd cries, nakakatouch at nakakahawa!As if I can feel the pain he feels! superb!

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Mommy Liz said...

ay napanood ko yan, I always loved their movies together, pero di ko masyadong type yung huli, parang di nakakakilig.. Miss you like crazy ba ang titile non?

♥peachkins♥ said...

Uyyy..gusto ko din to!!!Teka nga mai-download at mapanood ulit..

The Peach Kitchen
peach and things
blowing peachkisses

f e R r y j H o i said...

welcome back Kha, na miss ko ang entry mo!!! hihihi...

sobrang galing talaga ni John lloyd dito noh!! even Bea ang galing din.. yeah!! gusto ko din ang 3 month rule factor nya!! hahaha!!!

Happy Girls Talk

January said...

ay napanood ko to sa cinema one.. hehehe.. sa tv lang ako nanonood ng tagalog movies.. hehe

niko said...

hahahah 3 month rule! sapul ako! lol bwhahahaha

pero totoo ka. super galing ni JL dito.. nkkaiyak.. sumasabay ako hahaha

friendship nga kau ni ferry.. same choice eh :) hihih

♥jennpotz♥ said...

I've watched it too. I super love it and was very touch by the movie. ♥

YULI said...

tearjerker, and i love it! :)

Anonymous said...

I never seen this one yet but I will..

Thanks for sharing!

Here's mine:

Anne said...

luv it...

Vernz said...

awwww.... cry to death din ako nito .. pero ako lang mag-isa LOL...

thanks for dropping by Woman’s elan vital

chubskulit said...

Nyahahaha wish I could watch it lol..

K said...

john lloyd is truly a great actor. i can understand why you feel carried away when you watched this. hee hee. haven't watched it though. but it's already on my list :D


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