Monday, August 9, 2010


Hello World! :D 

Got no time to post that's why this corner seemed abandoned but it's not. Actually I have plans to but finally decided to not. This blog may or may not give me any profit I have decided not to abandon, because this is my first blog and serves to be my book of my life. I have had started here so , long live these blog lol. Oh by the way thank you people for passing by at my mansion here. I so loved your foot prints on my chats.. Gracias! 

Reunited number 1! 
I am again reunited with my blog.Though no good news at all about my missing PR and blocked  account but as what I have decided that I am not gonna leave this behind or just remain this corner in the corner.hihihihi 

Reunited Number 2! 
It has been a busy schedule for both of us. Actually I never expects that this day will come again. Though we are incomplete yet it was the same feelings as before that nothing's happened. New stories, new sharing but same old bonding and feeling. How open we are to each other. How we share thoughts, ideas and past hatreds to each other. How we learned new things together. How we again revived the relationship that has been buried for a year and 2 months. It was such a great intense happy feeling of sharing the same old laughs with you Bru.

I am starting to recuperate from a busy life or just to say getting used to it. Now I am comfy blogging and already accepted though Mr. G doesn't love me, I still love Time will come he will explain to me everything and give me everything and also those I did not ask for hahahaha.
Beloved friendships kindly visit me at my happy borned health sharing blog and our cheesy history blog. Hope to see you Sissy's there.. Love.Love.Love

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