Monday, August 23, 2010

Super Nikz

Seems like a superhero?! hahaha But yes she did to some of her friends. And I am so glad that we are now! Super thanks for the help and for the tutorials and most especially my new yet in the womb baby..wink ;D
In return to her kindness folks, kindly help me make her happier, and get to know her best at her babies.
click the picture to view best :)

3 ♥ warming appeal(s):

f e R r y j H o i said...

ganda nito!! gusto ko din!! share share share

Miss na kita kha ^-^

kha said...

IMY too Nhe... next gagawin ko na ung invitation mo to choose from.. (=

niko said...

oh my!! this is just tooo much naman! prang wondergirl nmn ako dito :)

thanks much! mwah


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