Thursday, September 16, 2010

Forever Green

I've been waiting for this color's turn at GT. This is my favorite and I can share a lot about it. How I am so obsessed with this one.Green is considered the color of peace and ecology.

How the color green affects us physically and mentally
* Soothing
* Relaxing mentally as well as physically
* Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety
* Offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony

I can still remember when we had a duty at National Center for Mental Health, before we will interact with the patients, we must first have an activity about knowing our owns personality, strength and weaknesses. It is a pre-requisite requirement before we had to be deploy to the patients. In this activity,as our homework  we are told to draw our hand in a white paper and it's up to us what we wanted to design the drawing. 

That night I forgot to do my assignment and I was only reminded by my Bru when we are already at the venue. I immediately made mine and gracias to my Bru she was prepared with her art stuffs to lend me.She gave me crayons, color pencils, pictures and colorful stickers and scrapbook thing. She almost brought her art I am not in a hurry making it because we are an hour earlier to our Clinical Instructor. Of all the materials Bru and my group mates provided me, this is only exactly what I made.

When our C.I arrived she instructed us to pass our homework and discussed each  homework to us how was our artworks speaks for our personality. I was asked why I made this one while my group mates made colorful and extravagant designs and Why I chose green. She let me heard my explanation and afterward explain to me what was my artwork means in text of Psychology. She told me the fingers serve as triumphs. In between was my chosen color serve as my attitude if I am in the middle of trouble. She told me using this colors shows that I am at cool facing troubles in my life, I am not into panic mode. Thinking and trying all possible solutions and if it still fails, never surrenders.  That I still belief that everything will turn out good eventually. That was what she said and all my group mates agreed and testify for me to believe my self's description based on it.. This is just a justification that brightened me that my favorite color reflects me.

More of my green stuffs follows.

 My green blouse, this serve as my lucky blouse, everytime I am APPLYING for a job I always wear this one and I am always fortunate wearing this! 

Huny (huny is not the subject this time:)) with my nephew in his green barong, my brother's, sister in law's wedding. 
  Me and Bhadz at Mall of Asia grounds with my green (good for tummy-less) shirt.(those were the times.(sigh) 
My pear glace VS gift from Tess. 
Green fruit from our Pomelo Tree.
 My Marvin the Martian Pillow of our baby Mhing -Mhing.

  I can't share a lot more(konti pa daw yun hihihi), my dear friends who will read this entry will get bored.Isn't it obvious that I like green a HUGE?! ^-^

More green stories? Just click the badge and enjoy.. Ciao! 

(P.S include my signature below it's GREEN too!) ^_^

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Mommy Liz said...

Wow! I didn't realize that choosing green color can reflect to someone's personality. I like green in my house, but I don't like wearing it, I guess it has to do with my skin color. hehehe! I had a green stripe top when I ws in college, but it was the first and last shirt I had. You look nice with your lucky shirt, paarbor, para swertehin din ako, hehehe!

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Wow! parang "hate" na "hate" mo ang green ah, lol!
By the way, I got curious with Pomelo? anu yun?I mean,I know it's a fruit, but anong klaseng fruit?Akala ko sa unang tingin eh Bayabas, LOL!

Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

Oh wow, what a green color fan you are. And dami mong green stuff. That drawing you got is really meaningful. Impressive ka dhay. Keep it up!

My Girl's talk post here

Gilay said...

Yap, it's pretty obvious... but I love ur art... ^_^

kha said...

@ Mommy Liz sige ba di mo naman na kelangan mag work.. sa work umeepek ang power nyan hihihihi

@ Willa di ko talaga type ang green(pag konti)hihhihihi..Pomelo is suha yun sabi ni Google sa English ng suha...hahaha

@ Mel tnx ^_^

@ Gilay salamat..

Nortehanon said...

Green, as they always say, is the color of life.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Hello Kha,
Thank you for visiting my blog, it was a pleasant surprise. I have learnt something today from reading your post - what the colour green can do. While I did know it was a soothing colour, I didn't know it was supposed to help alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety. Perhaps I should buy green clothes.
Most of the blogs I see are photoblogs, and it is good to see and read other blogs that are different.
May your day be a good one.☺

f e R r y j H o i said...

kha!! kunti nga ng green mo eh!! hahaha yung pear glaze na VS mabango nga yan!!! may tinda ako gusto mo bili. nyahahaha

Pero may kulang ka sa lhat ng green na nasabi mo!!! Yung UTAK mo palaging GREEN!!!

♥jennpotz♥ said...

You really do love green and it fits you.. haba nung kwento mo.. haha

nice art work, so simple yet it speaks so much one you analyzed it.

love the pearl glaze scent too..

January said...

green is one of my favorite color, love it I can always feel nature when I see green..

parang bayabas nga ang pomelo kha, hehehe yun nga rin akala ko kc ang nakikita ko na suha ang kulay yellow eh.. hehehe.. baka hindi pa sya hinog, ganun ba yun? hehe

mjrodriguez said...

Green should indeed be a lucky colour as it signifies green bucks :-)

zoan said...

parang we have the same VS:D tsaka dami mo green blouses ha ehehe

Rossel said...

ang daming green things, sis. pero pinakagusto ko yung pomelo. thanks for your informative post.

my entry is here. happy GT!

Vernz said...

wow, ganda naman yung interpretation ng CI mu...ako tingin ko .. may buffer ka always put room to anything... meaning not a closed minded person ....

hehehe... a little of

GT here

K said...

try mo mag-green minsan ha? LOL. you are obviously a big fan of the color. ikaw nga pala yung nagsabi na favorite mo yan dun sa comment mo sakin ^^

Earth said...

that was a very cute barong! go green!

Jag said...

Thank God I too love green. : )

niko said...

ay favorite color mo pala ang green!! ihhihi pra sau pala ang GT this week ha!! :)

Clarissa said...

weeehh!!die hard fan ka nga ng green^_^

Forgive my late visit dear and thanks for dropping by!


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