Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hanging Red

Red isn't my favorite. I don't have a fair complexion and I think red not fits me. I only have 2 or three clothes colored red. One is a uniform from past job,next a bridesmaid gown and a gift from a good friend, a plain shirt. I feel like I look darker if I am wearing red.

This is one of the happiest funky day with Bru and Bhadz. It's just a no plan trip. We decided to go to Tagaytay at Palace in The Sky, one fine day without any plans all the way from Manila. Look how we try hard to have a picture of three of us. lol.

This is my share for todays GT!.. Happy Thursday everyone.


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f e R r y j H o i said...

hindi naman kha ah!!! mas maputi ka nga saken eh!! pero I love wearing RED!!! hindi ka lang siguro nasanay!!!

>> Thanks ulet kha for making me happy!!! hihhhi

>> Happy Girls Talk

Kero said...

hmmn i think you look great. sabi nga nila, red looks great on olive makes it look more exotic =)

hope you can visit my entry here

Jenn said...

That is true... red can make "dark" people look darker, yet it can make "fair" people look fairer. Personally, I don't like wearing red that much because I am fat, and I don't want to be called Santa Claus. Hahahah.

My GT post is up HERE.

♥jennpotz♥ said...

Hi! Actually aside from those mentioned above about the red color. I believe red color can boost our mood, sabi nga nila when we feel down we should wear bright and vibrant colors like red. It doesn't matter if your fair skin or not, if you feel confident on it, wear it my dear! =)

rjs mama said...

the best trips are those that are not planned :)

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imriz said...

i agree w/ kero. i'm dark but i love red, hehe. kaunting confidence lng girl.
yes, it was 18 yrs that i'm using lauren

Sherry said...

sis red is nice colour still my favourite even though I like pink also. :D

thanks for come by my blog

January said...

hehehe.. pareho tau walang hilig sa red kc mas lalo umiitim.. hahaha.. salamat sa pag bisita..

anne said...

the picture was fine girl it seems like somebody really took a picture of you all. Hehehe

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Unplanned trip is always a FUN trip!

kha said...

@ nhe nyek..ako maputi aray!.. :p siguro nga di ako lang nasanay hehehe pero gusto ko red para sa iba..hahaha
don't mentioned it..tagal mo na ngpaparinig ngayon ko lang naupuan..hahaha joke.. tnx nagustuhan mo..

@ kero ..*blush* tnx maybe if I am more of a kikay and feme one babagay nga..hihihi

kha said...

@ Jenn hahaha korek! lalo naeemphasize pagka neg neg ko natawa ako dun. napaisip tuloy ako. :p
Tnx sa pag daan dito..

@ jennpotz yun nga prob di ako confident magdala ng pula..tnx fo leaving some lovely thoughts. :)

kha said...

@ imriz you're right sometimes those planned trips was more a mess than the unplanned. :) added and followed you. tnx .:)

@sherry tnx kaso lack ako nun pag pula.. a lil history about red, I am a mean girl way back in h-school and I have a best buddy who's also mean we hate those people whom so confident wearing red in our school while it doesn't fit them.(di bagay!) natatakot lang ako balikan ng karma sa kalokohan q dati lol.
tnx sa pagdaan..

kha said...

@ Jan I like your name.. January is your birthday?..hihihi .. yup di ko feel ang pula. :) salamat din sa pagdalaw..

@anne thanks we really try very hard to have that shot. It took us 5 takes to have it..effort to have a complete pic of us three. :) tnx for dropping by..

@ willa I super agree.
tnx for dropping by :)

Gilay said...

hi... parehas tau, isa lng yata red shirt ko... kc baloga din ako... ahhaha

follow you later... bagal net ko eh, *_*

Gilay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clarissa said...

Hoisst dear!bagay naman sa yo!Be confident--ako nga maiitm eh pero palaging colorful suot ko lol!

re:I guess if you prefer some japanese look to wear in the philippines,I would recommend the so-called jinbei. yukata are typically made of cotton and is usually used during the summer.Kimono is made of silk and usually used for formal events in Japan.
Thanks for dropping by!^_^

Rossel said...

ok naman a. bagay naman sa yo.

happy gt sis and have a great weekend!

Genejosh said...

di ko naman fave ang red but bec. of this meme napansin ko na marami din pala akong stuff na red:)

Thanks for dropping by..we don't have IC yet:(...kahit not plan yong trip nyo but still you enjoyed it ano?

Mommy Liz said...

ay, need pala kapag nag red ako, magpapicture din ako sa malayo, para di halata ang napakaganda kong kulay hehehe. kahirap naman ng hindi maputi, namimili ng kulay ang aking kutis. di bale, bawiin nalang sa face di ba Kha?? :) salamat sa visit ha.

Vernz said...

naku buti kapa may midrib shirt ka... parang luluya ang tiyan ko niyan pag ako-- hahaha... thank you for dropping by Woman’s elan vital

K said...

awww.. a spur of the moment trip! best thing in the world!

love your shot. looked like you had fun!

niko said...

ay uu sinabi mo ako rin d ko masyadong fave ang red.. sa mga morenang tulad naten hindi nten bff si red :) hihihih


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