Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Voila Violeta! (=

I thought that I will really cursed our intranet provider for the whole week that we will be longing for our connection. Finally after bombarding their customer service hotline, technical and email support we have now the connection back! Thank God it is back! Our customers almost asks if we will going to foreclosed (grrr) blame on Digitel!
By the way this post is for GT right? (=. For today's topic it's violet. Did violet and lavender is different? Hmm a lighter shade of violet I guess that was the one called lavender, which is the more I prefer than violet itself. I only like the shade of lavender because it is lighter and calming when you stare on it. I am not fond of the darker one. I remember when I was a child we have this councilor in our place who loves much of this color, violet. She wears everything violet from head to toe, even on her accessories. Seeing the color to her almost everyday plus the fact that she's on her 40's doesn't amazed me at all, actually I felt like I'm sick of it...hahahaha But that certain councilor temporarily leaves our place and my fascination to it's shade came back but as I have said only on the lighter one. I got to like it seeing in weddings, other special occasions and some seminar motifs during our last year in college.
taken last 2008 on our way to St.Anthony's Alumni Homecoming Event

Something that I own in Violet.. Here's my share my Huny. His Violet!..hehehe.. He's someone that I own. lol. Actually the share was our shirt hahaha. First pair that we have.. We are not into couple shirt (before)because it's some kind of obvious, our reason why we aren't into. But now it's okay with us and we're loving it though.

More Violetas?..come and see at 

  arithmetic just drops out of trees

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Mommy Liz said...

Hehehem, si Huny mo violet (sa bugbog mo!) ng pagmamahal of course. Kung wala pang nag hand me down sa amin ng isang ako, di pa ako magka purple na top, allergic ako sa mga kulay na nagpapatingkad na aking freckles, alam mo na... ayaw kong ilabas ang pagka mestisa ko.. Ang hirap naman hanapin ng violet sa shirt mo, natakpan ng hair. I bet you looked gorgeous di ba??

kha said...

ahahaha loka ka talaga teh! My sharing yang bugbog na yan next sa meme mo hahaha.. di ko din bet ang violet pero minsan ok pala xa. Ui Teh ngayon ko lang narealize royalty color daw ang dark violet ayon kay Willa. mgppraktis na nga ako ng kakaviolet kahit sa color na lang ay royalty kuno.. hihihi di kasi ko pala suklay cnxa na ngkalat hihihihi..gorgeous chenks kahit di ako sure hahaha..

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Ang sweet ng inyong photo.


f e R r y j H o i said...

hihihi, Kilala ko yung councilor na yun!!! at hanggang ngaun kha nangangarap parin syang maging councilor ulet!! bwahahaa

>> I love the line kha!!! "His Violet!..hehehe.. He's someone that I own" hahaha!!!<<

Happy Girls Talk

Miranda said...

Sweet naman, naka-"couple shirt" kayo. :)

Clarissa said...

Ako rin siguro last year lang nagka-gusto sa violet--dati walang-wala ako nyan pero ngayon,halos lahat yata ng damit ko violet na lol!

Sweet nyo ha!^_^
Girl's Talk


i love how you said that "he's your violet" sweet..keep the fire from burning and stay in love..=)

Earth said...

awwww! so sweeet!!!

Vernz said...

couple shirt ba ang tawag diyan .. awww.. so cute, so sweet din.

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Kayce said...

aw! ang sweet nga naman! btw, im your new follower nga pala sis..

Pinay Expat said...

just followed you...
super bongga ang tandem nu keep it up!

niko said...

hahaah pramis di ka sanay ng matching shirts>> magsanay ka na. bisyo nmen yan eh :D hahahahaa

K said...

couple shirts are the ultimate cuteness! the lavender color, like the effect of its flower counterpart, is truly calming :)

♥jennpotz♥ said...

yup.. ur honey is someone you own. haha.. nice post! ♥


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