Wednesday, October 6, 2010

After 5 Long Years. Socc It (=

Tessa(2009 vacation here)
                                    Ella, Me and Jamir
Shielem also known as Jamire or Team Cap, has been out of the country for 5 long years. Last man defense positioned by Ella into the team ,was too busy as a single mom and a breadwinner since her mom died.Tessa the goal keeper, has been away for less than a decade since her family migrated to Canada. And me as either left, right or midfield forwarder. This is team Jamir. Though we are 12 in a team or more, we are the in a group that had always seen in any gig. We have our own gimmicks. I am pretty sure that we have a good relationship with each and every member of the team but this buds, the four of us, was the best buddies. All us four cry together, laugh together and teased each other  to death without ending up someone cries nor felt bad. Me and Ella were the one who  always bully Jamir while Tessa always stand back for her. Tessa was treated as the youngest among us four but for real I am the true youngest. Just because Tessa is a cry baby pertains to love, sweet and loving. Is it a character of being a youngest?LOL.
Any way, we just met last Sunday. except Tessa. The picture  with the three of us was the latest. (do you think we can still play our games wearing those voluptuous body hahaha).Finally we did met. It was Jamir's grand mother's wake. It was a painful event but gladly in times like these there were no excuses not to share mourning for a real friend. We missed this kind of bonding so much. Another more years to count for us to have a complete picture of it. And Tessa owe us one for these. I am so happy to be with those people.

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Jona said...

anyway, true friends are proved to be there in times of mourning...
i followed this blog of yours, Kha :D thanks for the visit.



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