Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being Glamorous

I am not a typical lady who loves feminine stuff. I only like few girly stuff but that was rarely can be counted on my fingers. One of the things I am fond of is jewelries. I am a practical person that's why I am hooked into it. I inherit this fascination to my mom. I always ask her all about jewelry information. She loves gold, white silver and pearl. Even precious stones. She can't wear and leave house without any piece wearing it. That's how she dress, at her age she impress a lot of men and even guy youngsters. Sites that talks about jewelries  is a  great help for me in preparing a surprise for mom. I like how jewelries make a not so beautiful girl into a glamorous one. Jewelries can release the glamor of a woman. Glamor is a big factor to be seen as a beautiful woman at the outside. First impressions and first to be notice in a lady is being glamorous.

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