Monday, October 18, 2010

Find Her Half

As I started this blog, I already had my other half. Actually this blog started because of him. My first post starts how I am so lucky to have him. Our journey, our story and for some time our shortcomings. It was really a great feeling that you have someone with you whom you can share laughter and tears aside from your immediate and biological family. 

This kind of feeling that a good friend wanted to feel again. She has been single for years although she was not desperate yet she misses the thought of having her one. In some of our bonding session one of our good friend mentioned about the fitness personals. That friend who suggested met her now fiance at the said website. It amazes me that those site really feature good people. I was hesitant before on checking those kind of site since I don't have a lot of patience to not so nice and sometimes obscene people. But that impression change since a good friend of mine and her fiance is a living and current proof. First impression never last. hihihi 
 (guess who among these lovely ladies that is missing to be a princess on a pedestal)

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