Sunday, October 24, 2010

Look at My Title Fonts!!

I am so happy that I easily figured html for this style in a span of an hour!I made it on my chessy blog and also to my health blog. I am now considering of Ferry's suggestion..hmmm? 

By the way I haven't shared yet about my new career. Err not so new but new family.hihihi I will post about it but not today. I am busy discovering.hahaha.. Since I have a bunch of pictures in my hard drive not mentioning in my NFF's page at facebook(new found friends) I have a lot to share. 

Drool dear Ferry. hahaha. Now I learned again..Drool on my font hahaha lol. Don't worry I'll share the learning with you but I know you will say no! hahaha (wink).Rest assured you will be shared by the blessing for $3 only hahaha..((=

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