Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Starting The Basic Again

I was once a computer science student. What I love about it was making magics with html, css, meta, webservers and other programming. It is a little regret that I chose nursing than computer Science but that was BEFORE . I do love nursing now though I didn't practice it as of the moment. In this world of technology, programming was one of the fast paced era. In a span of a month there are lot of changes, additions of need to eliminate. It is not as basic as other field that took time before it change. In programming the more updated was much of an income. I am now learning of the basics and entering again the world of programs. Matrix world. hihihihi. Glad that the old information, the old basic, in programming is still at my megabyte memory. And of all the memories that will lost or will I forget, programming is the least , I guess. 

I am now taking it seriously. Though my very good friend and soon to be bride Nhene can't understand what I am saying, I still would like to take this opportunity to thank her most for being my avid fan in the field what I am talking about. (nag-iisa lang kasi yan hahaha you rock \m/..)

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Silvergirl said...

grab your badge :)

Cedngasngu said...

Dropping by :D may I suggest a Cbox? :D

Cedngasngu said...

haha, I'll be glad to help you out with html's, but I hate programming languages (java, C, C++) hehe :D

Dropping by again

Cedngasngu said...

yup yup, but look, my messages are being a "Spam" like on your thread,

PS. I only know html, :)

My prof said he would teach us basic js on our e-commerce class,

and DreamWeaver! YAY DreamWeaver!


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