Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad Fairy Turn into BAT

As each and every company nowadays held a Halloween party, ours never failed to do so. And yes, our rockin' angels and fairies wave participated. Teacher Harry packer organized  room designs with witchy Rain and naughty/neglected angel (lol) Iggy! The decorations and the event was really great. I never expects the outcome will be a grand. 
My costume supposed to be a bad fairy but  turned out into a bat.lol It was because Rain's wings was big, that seem to be my wing was compared into a bat. Nevertheless, though I turned into a bat I enjoyed the party! It became our topic while the cam whores (lol) including our trainer enjoying every shot.As a matter of fact she's the mastermind! hihihi Full of laughs and lot of pictures! Superb!
She, Rain, Aivy, Yna, Laine-E (our comm skills trainer) Mae,Shugz,Me and Marie

 Laine-E borrowed  Rain's wings.

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f e R r y j H o i said...

kha!! ang payat mo!!!
>> pag kasama sila!! nyahaha

ung invi ko kamusta na


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