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Monday, November 8, 2010

Entering an "L" World


Title seems to be exciting??.. 

Nadahh. Just thinking what if I am into it, but on the second thought I won't, I can't and my heart don't wanna be.I have nothing against on third sex. I actually have lots of friends belonged to that society, I once thought I will be becoming when I was young. But still I did not. I admire a lot of so feminine, fashionable girls but got no guts on courting them unless it's Seriously I am good courting girls but that was just because it's a deal between my cousins and brother. If they would challenge me I definitely will and surely won. Money at stake. No doubt! That was way back the old times. Old times before I met my snob. 

Now is a different story. I am a newly hire employee wherein most of my co- workmate were lesbian, undefined or confuse individual. At their age they were still confuse of their sexuality. That was the only issue they have on their selves.Most of them were professionals. Since we have a straight lesbian in our wave, most of the confused, make believe that they were meant to be an L. FYI no pressure held nor too much obvious influence. Just a consistent companionship. I am not confuse to myself, absolutely sure of it. I am only feeling that I am entering an L world because of the people that I am currently with. And in my surprise, my new found girl friend is now have an affair with a new found L friend too.  I am starting to see the world in their view. I will let it share to all of you, soon as I gather much info how I enjoy their company..wink.

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