Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Baby

Our very first baby. Picture taken when Huny and I were still neighbors.

My very first baby named Franchesca Nicole Camayang Aquino. She is my soul-mate Julie's daughter. I became Franchesca's mom for 2 months while her mom suffering post postpartum blues and regrets of having her. It was an unwanted pregnancy. I took care of a not so cute and dark skin baby. Despite of the appearance, she is the most I can say bright and intelligent baby as early as her 0 to 2 months. She never complains by crying if it's not she's hungry. That's the only thing she will cry for. I saw her as a soon to be tough person. Maybe she felt that during those times she was not accepted so she did best of making her mom realized that she is indeed a blessing. She grew a very loving,beautiful, positive and a wise child. I never imagined she would be as pretty as she is today. Her talent is non negotiable and can never be bought or either thought. It was an innate intelligence that most of the people found in her.
See how gorgeous she is! Taken at our home in Taguig, where she is our consistent visitor everyday and every time.

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f e R r y j H o i said...

yay!! ngaun ko lang nakita baby ni Julie Kha!! ang charming nga nya!! lalo na sa second picture!!!

kim said...

that was a very noble thing you did.. Merry Christmas!


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