Friday, November 26, 2010

The Whirlwind Schedule


I have been so busy for the past week. As it was obvious on my untouched blogs. It started when I accepted Ferry's opps and gratefulness be the one make her wedding invitations. I am an amateur on crafts and I can't assure the beauty of it compared to html and web designs. But she need not doubted my capability and I am so so thankful to the couple for that HUGE trusts. Next thing that made me more busy was the new company I am with. I am currently in a financial account. It is so complicated and lots to memorize and number to keep by heart. As much as I hated numbers now I am inclined to it.Knowing myself I wanted to do everything with all my heart. I am having a problem in brain tasking. lol Can't find on what part of my brain to keep this and that. Right or left. Up or down. That weird I am now . :D Thing that most complicated was when Huny undergone an emergency appendectomy. My focus on everything seems to vanished since it was my other half on the operating table. I know that it was just a normal and minor operation but still it made me panic since I know how Huny afraid of needles, blood and operation itself. Good thing he was brave enough keep maintaining his calmness resulted to normal blood pressure so that no complications arisen.
To sum of it all, I have  to perform well with my compromised responsibilities because I know I am being trusted of my word and my capacity. The last thing that I did not able to comprehend with is my blogging life. I am sorry memes and friends that I failed to visit. Payback time is nearer.

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f e R r y j H o i said...

nakonsensya ako!! bigla!! sa well Compromised responsibilities na yan!! hihi

Thanks kha!!!


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