Friday, December 10, 2010


I was the one who baptized her that  Why o why? Because she is. Though she didn't talk much and hanging around much I can feel she is. But being with her makes me feel weird to myself sometimes.Feeling weird. It started when I  enjoy Verna's (nff) company. I can say that most of our views and perception met halfway maybe that's why we love each others company though the 9 years age gap. With Verna I can be very me. Very natural, very lousy, loud and obscene if sometimes. No pretensions, no to "not to mention" and no to "perfect me world". We can talk everything under the moonlight. ( because we are on graveyard shift But i feel so carefree with her. I feel so alive.. The feeling that she can be my third best friend who will knew me most.

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