Monday, January 17, 2011

Scorpion and a Gemini Now!?

I was just informed by a good buddy Yna about this Zodiac changes. As always I don't easily believe her since she always joke around. I am just amazed that after years zodiac changes. What really a constant thing on earth! CHANGES! Well I don't care much. I rarely use zodiac signs or apply it to my daily living. It's just that I am used to be a Sagittarian now a Scorpion. Huny is the one whose somehow .. He likes being  in Cancer . Unfortunately on new signs his a Gemini..hihihi Here's the clip of the news I looked after my friend told me about this changes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stress Away

Working in a financial istitution it means its raining stress. Knowing myself I always find a way to release stress into different divertion types. This is not to be fed up and soak much that lead me to unwanted severe weigth loss or worst migraine. Good thing I have buddies which also think the same as mine.

Though we are not fond of playing into bingo sites, we are into bonding and drinking sessions. Either liqour or coffee. That's how we celebrated our stress releiving day. We are fond of this bonding session every time we can find time. For some days we really made our own time though it will affect work schedules. Maybe because we are nurses and we know stress is bad for one self that's why we find way to be free of it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Always Ready

Since I am planning of driving my own, I ave to consider things that I needed most. It's just a motorcycle I know but still I need to be prepared. For me to be able to hassle free or just to be always ready I have to bring things along with me that is a big help in case of trouble. Like as well as beam clamps that might be a need in case my motorcycle gives me a problem on the road. It is easier to ask help if I have that so as someone who will help me need not to bother to look for it. I am expecting and praying for a safe and hassle free driving routine but it is better to be always prepared! Girls Scout! lol 

Taking Risk Again

I am into plans of reviewing again for the local board. Though I am not quite sure when will I take this year but as early as today I am preparing myself especially emotionally to take risk again. Somehow it's not a risk since I am preparing for it but emotionally I can not take anymore failure if ever. But I want to think positive this time, after I received the letter from the Philippine Regulation Commission and fount out my score was great to be consider except for only one subject that took all to be failed. I am now reading reviewers again downloaded from different helpful sites. Some were needing a Java PDF reader. Good thing this software is available at my end and I am not having a hard time to find or install it.
I wish and pray that this year will be mine. I am so excited to work on my field. Though I didn't look like a caring person but my academics shows I am, including my patients and superiors as well. Oh just to share one thing, since I am always at the east lately where we used to have our duty when I was a student nurse, a coincidence that our neighbor in our new home is my old patient and she recognizes me. What a great feeling that she still recognize and keeps thanking me. She is a dengue patient last 2009 and I am the assigned nurse to her during that time. *happy*

Cleaning My Hard Drive

I started to have a computer since 2006. It was my Huny's first gift to me on our first month together. Though I love computer I am not that passionate much on it. But having a techy partner influences me to be one. Now I know more on computers specially hardware. My passion to more loved computers started to pictures. Wherein I learned a lot of uploading and downloading pictures on the web and now editing them with different picture editor software. Too much fond unto of it I never realize that I saved a lot of pictures and creations on my hard drive. Now that I am starting to feel the symptoms that my hard drive is begging to breathe and needing more space . I don't want to delete old memories and my old creations and one good way to preserve those is to try photo printing which is the best solution I am now considering. It is a heartbreaking decision every time I need to delete one picture from files. So as to avoid this better to keep them in a safe and a hard copy file in that way I still have them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moving Out (Again)

Yes! For the nth time were moving! It has been a year that we stayed at mom's house. And we ,Huny and I both sure that it's about time to be on our own again! Since Mama is now familiar and adjusted wit the business needs and necessities, she can run it all with herself and a little help from Huny's sis.

Why do we always move and fond of renting? It's because it is a way for us to learn and grow. I am a total dependent to my mom. So for the longest month that we stay with her, I am still and feeling and treated still as always the youngest. Everything I and huny need is spoon-fed by mom. That's how spoiled we are! Even the budgeting part. I am giving mom from my pay enough to sustain everyday needs but most of the time my money spent nowhere. Either from foods or stuff or worst just a simple nigh-out with friends.  For the times that we were living in our own, we did  established a stable life for the two of us. We can provided for our basic needs and our appliances. We are in need to provide because we have nothing to use while  staying with mom's place, we don't need to buy anything because everything is provided and present already. More and more reason that I wanted to include in this post but it may be sound like venting out. lol hahaha..

We are not forced to be out of mom's house. It's our decision hahaha. And if ever it is,  mom will not be an absolute reason.! ;D (explaining)lol

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kharen Po

I was tagged by a friend to this old commercial of Mc Donalds! It still have an impact to everyone who will watch this! No matter how old and classic the video was!. It is still a heart warming commercial best that ever made.Who will forget Kharen! :D


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Income Tax Season

I am working in a US based company specifically a large and known financial institution. I can feel the pressure of this Income tax season that started January until April of these year. Most of our clients were keep on bombarding us concerns of their money that as per they say going to use as business checks for multi reasons they were providing us. This season tend us to practice more and a wide range of patience. Well I cannot blame them, everybody was irate when it comes to money issue especially if it took long before they received or worst scenario will be lost. Lot of concern and process need to assists our clients. With all this processes, I am thinking of much thankful that somehow our government pampers us doing this for us. The bad thing is the reason why we belonged to the society of most corrupted country. But still the burden of processing and everything had done by our Bureau of Internal Revenue. Unlike to the United States, they have to compute for their own income tax return. 

So if ever I am one of the US citizen and poorly hated numbers, I am dead. lol 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Green

Finally I set it up! The new born baby Green finally exist for real. This is the newest blog that contains all stuff that are new to me. New friend, new crafts, new talent, new everything.. I hope you have time to visit me here.. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Something I Will

This post "Something I Will" is about things that I missed and included in some that I plan to do this new year.
I will make-up to my high school friends. It's been a while since I attended a reunion with them, I always though I hate to do so, refused their invitations. I will definitely set a time for them no matter how busy I am for this year.

Like as well my high school friends, I always turn down invitations from my EAC buddies. For sure Judith will be celebrating her birthday this January and that means party with them.. I will not going to turn down this years invitation.

This was 2 years ago, when we decided to chat at our favorite place to unwind, Starbucks Mega Mall at 11 pm and lead us to Metrowalk. Grace was inviting me and Huny at her place in Vigan Ilocos..  Khmer was begging for an out of town but none of us can commits(he is the only single kase..hihihi that's why he can easily set a gimmick)love yah Khmer..

I so miss Kevin . This is my group mates way back in college. All of us has now different career focusing at. Although we were all graduated as nurses. This mean girls with dirty guys and a flirty gay.. We will have our time this year!
This is the happy liberal group that I am with when I've worked at Ortigas. I so love the guys. Fortunately all of us are into different company but the unfortunate thing is schedules that hard to meet. But as what they always say "kung gusto maraming paraan" See you guys soon.
The IT guys and  HR ladies whose hobby is drinking to death. This is the form of bonding at this place. Set Marianne, Set..hihihi
The last Parokya ni Butch escapade. Beach Galore.. Babe (beautiful at my back)has now a career as a freelance photographer , others busy on different stuff.. Wondering why all my nurses friend has a different careers from what we have finished???hmmm
Parokya guys at Marj despedida and me and Zhel's birthday. I will never forget the dramas. Till you come back this year Marj!(on white jacket)

My current wave mates.. Slowly were emptying at the floor. Let's have a toast before everyone fades and disseminated anywhere in the world.

I miss my slim body where I can fit anything I wanted . I must and I will do everything to bring this back. SWEAR!
Huhuhu I just love the old body!.. ))=

This post serves to be some of my list to do, these are the most that I forgot, including this to my blog means that I will always remember my list and responsibilities to show up to my friends. Di puro na lang bahay at si Huny hahaha.. Peace out Hun.. I also told you to list the things and person you need to make-up for.. Before we tie the knot... =)


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