Friday, January 14, 2011

Cleaning My Hard Drive

I started to have a computer since 2006. It was my Huny's first gift to me on our first month together. Though I love computer I am not that passionate much on it. But having a techy partner influences me to be one. Now I know more on computers specially hardware. My passion to more loved computers started to pictures. Wherein I learned a lot of uploading and downloading pictures on the web and now editing them with different picture editor software. Too much fond unto of it I never realize that I saved a lot of pictures and creations on my hard drive. Now that I am starting to feel the symptoms that my hard drive is begging to breathe and needing more space . I don't want to delete old memories and my old creations and one good way to preserve those is to try photo printing which is the best solution I am now considering. It is a heartbreaking decision every time I need to delete one picture from files. So as to avoid this better to keep them in a safe and a hard copy file in that way I still have them.

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