Thursday, January 6, 2011

Income Tax Season

I am working in a US based company specifically a large and known financial institution. I can feel the pressure of this Income tax season that started January until April of these year. Most of our clients were keep on bombarding us concerns of their money that as per they say going to use as business checks for multi reasons they were providing us. This season tend us to practice more and a wide range of patience. Well I cannot blame them, everybody was irate when it comes to money issue especially if it took long before they received or worst scenario will be lost. Lot of concern and process need to assists our clients. With all this processes, I am thinking of much thankful that somehow our government pampers us doing this for us. The bad thing is the reason why we belonged to the society of most corrupted country. But still the burden of processing and everything had done by our Bureau of Internal Revenue. Unlike to the United States, they have to compute for their own income tax return. 

So if ever I am one of the US citizen and poorly hated numbers, I am dead. lol 

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