Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moving Out (Again)

Yes! For the nth time were moving! It has been a year that we stayed at mom's house. And we ,Huny and I both sure that it's about time to be on our own again! Since Mama is now familiar and adjusted wit the business needs and necessities, she can run it all with herself and a little help from Huny's sis.

Why do we always move and fond of renting? It's because it is a way for us to learn and grow. I am a total dependent to my mom. So for the longest month that we stay with her, I am still and feeling and treated still as always the youngest. Everything I and huny need is spoon-fed by mom. That's how spoiled we are! Even the budgeting part. I am giving mom from my pay enough to sustain everyday needs but most of the time my money spent nowhere. Either from foods or stuff or worst just a simple nigh-out with friends.  For the times that we were living in our own, we did  established a stable life for the two of us. We can provided for our basic needs and our appliances. We are in need to provide because we have nothing to use while  staying with mom's place, we don't need to buy anything because everything is provided and present already. More and more reason that I wanted to include in this post but it may be sound like venting out. lol hahaha..

We are not forced to be out of mom's house. It's our decision hahaha. And if ever it is,  mom will not be an absolute reason.! ;D (explaining)lol

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