Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking Risk Again

I am into plans of reviewing again for the local board. Though I am not quite sure when will I take this year but as early as today I am preparing myself especially emotionally to take risk again. Somehow it's not a risk since I am preparing for it but emotionally I can not take anymore failure if ever. But I want to think positive this time, after I received the letter from the Philippine Regulation Commission and fount out my score was great to be consider except for only one subject that took all to be failed. I am now reading reviewers again downloaded from different helpful sites. Some were needing a Java PDF reader. Good thing this software is available at my end and I am not having a hard time to find or install it.
I wish and pray that this year will be mine. I am so excited to work on my field. Though I didn't look like a caring person but my academics shows I am, including my patients and superiors as well. Oh just to share one thing, since I am always at the east lately where we used to have our duty when I was a student nurse, a coincidence that our neighbor in our new home is my old patient and she recognizes me. What a great feeling that she still recognize and keeps thanking me. She is a dengue patient last 2009 and I am the assigned nurse to her during that time. *happy*

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