Thursday, February 17, 2011

Summer Plans

Last year together with my perks in review center had a blast almost last complete beach party. I mentioned that almost last complete because some of those belong to that getaway were now in other part of the world. We were drifted apart by our goals. hehehehe.. It's our wishes that there will be a professional photographer that will capture our almost last moments and experienced a very accommodating and relaxing getaway into a different place like what a  Monaco grand prix packages can give.   For sure there will be a next time but maybe that will be held in next five years or so.  Fortunately by that time all of us can spend much of a grand reunion since by then we were all stable financially. *fingers crossed!*
For this year a summer blast with the family is what I am looking for. Good thing I am not the only one planning for it. It is so rare that we had this out of town plan. Since mom is a business addict and brothers had different getaways to attend. This time its us as a family that prioritizing for a getaway.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Level Up for Huny

It's been days that me and Huny talked about him taking up short coarse related to his field. Its me who always pushes him to do this kind of thing. For me it's additional knowledge that he can use. To enhance his knowledge and abilities and  learn more. I am hunger for learning especially when it comes to information technology. This field is a fast approaching and always changing. I don't want to be the least to know about the upgrades on this field. It's like a gcse easter revision courses that only held once in a year.He is hesitant because of non related thing such as expenses( hello it's free!) time ( OMG it will be adjusted based on his offs) and us ( I am not gonna leave him!for sure). When I found out that the only reason he had in mind is to have a class with me. Which means us having the same schedule. Unfortunately that is impossible. His offs were weekdays while mine is weekend. He said he needs to train first the newest help desk member of their team prior he can avail for a weekend off. Hmmm sounds good! Sooner I will be on leave on blogging and learned more of designing. I am so excited that sooner day! Hurray!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Vacation

Back in college days it's hard for me to have a weekend vacation. We have a lot of activities that even weekends which supposed to be a rest day will be used for meetings and plans for the upcoming weeks activities. If I am lucky to have a spare one, it will be a bonding with friends wherever. Basically a weekend at home is always impossible. I did not experienced the comfort of our leather furniture sofa much.
After college as I entered the real and practical life stage, I have been inclined in a business wherein it follows the time frame of the other part of the world. Aside from making night here a day for business, we also seldom have weekend offs. Now that I have found what I consider the best company because it provided my asking compensation, requested rest day schedule and a very very easy task. I now can enjoy weekend vacation.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What Kind of Guy

I am not a fanatic of American Idol. I often watch the movie or if I only had nothing to watched. These story was shared by my Huny. Though it has already spread to the world wild web and I am maybe the only one didn't know about this, I still wanted to post it here. The story of Chris Medina and his girl friend Juliana.
    It really made me teary eyed. I can say though Julie suffered most she still lucky having a faithful guy who never leaves her. I hope if Chris won he will not forget his promises and vows to Juliana. Miracle of love, I think as well pray that Juliana will be back on her old self soon. 

Happy Heart's Day Everyone!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Partee Partee

I started to enjoy again the liquor session. It's Jean's fault!lol.. Kidding aside I really did. I slowed down to this vice when I met Huny. But recently there are lots of invitations of party everywhere and it's hard to say no. Argh!  I love sessions with friends. Maybe this will be the final blast. After my wedding it's all over.

I can say been there!Done that!..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Things About Me

Thank you Ferry for this tag award and I am really sorry for not responding immediately. I have been very busy since  we moved out of mom's house. Plus the fact that I have a new job and new place to familiarize. Also that we haven't got our connection fixed on the new home.

Well here it is.

1. I am an actress but I don't know how to act.
I am a good actress. Presenting alibis and reasons to others. But once it's a for real scenario I don't know how to react. Site for example Ferry's wedding, the newly weds kept on thanking me in front of their guests and what I did is to hide at the back where the sound system located because I don't know what to say and what to express since I already told them it's okay and i'ts my pleasure.

2. I love make up but I don't know how to use those.
I love seeing or even be in the make-up section in every mall I have been and I even sometimes bought some. But I don't know how to use or apply it to my face. I like to do it on others.

3. I can't draw,cut or walk in a straight line.
I have this problem in making an straight line, cutting a straight line though it has some guides or even walk straight in a line. I don't know, I just can't.

4. I can stay 48 hours in front of computer.
I can stay just browsing, blogging, youtube or facebook in a computer for straight 48 hours. I am not a gamer or an rpg addict but just simply those websites will satisfy me to stay in front of a computer that long.

5. I am now feeling the symptoms of obesity(huny said gluttony)
I have this craving every time that I wanted to eat or something to practice my jaw chew. It's a good sign if I am pregnant but I am not. 

6. It got me irritated whenever I heard rap music.
As much as possible I avoided hearing those or immediately leave certain place where I heard the music. I don't know why but it's just that it makes my temper soar up high and be out of the mood all through the day.

7. I am practicing a proactive attitude just what Ms.Yogi told us.
Ms. Yogi is my recently acquainted compliance officer in the new company I am with. Instead of being reactive be a proactive to drive things easily and eventually control every scenario.

I am tagging all friends that comes and visits this blog. You are all the sweetest blogger for me since I can not make a  visit  back to you guys. 



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