Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Level Up for Huny

It's been days that me and Huny talked about him taking up short coarse related to his field. Its me who always pushes him to do this kind of thing. For me it's additional knowledge that he can use. To enhance his knowledge and abilities and  learn more. I am hunger for learning especially when it comes to information technology. This field is a fast approaching and always changing. I don't want to be the least to know about the upgrades on this field. It's like a gcse easter revision courses that only held once in a year.He is hesitant because of non related thing such as expenses( hello it's free!) time ( OMG it will be adjusted based on his offs) and us ( I am not gonna leave him!for sure). When I found out that the only reason he had in mind is to have a class with me. Which means us having the same schedule. Unfortunately that is impossible. His offs were weekdays while mine is weekend. He said he needs to train first the newest help desk member of their team prior he can avail for a weekend off. Hmmm sounds good! Sooner I will be on leave on blogging and learned more of designing. I am so excited that sooner day! Hurray!

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