Thursday, February 17, 2011

Summer Plans

Last year together with my perks in review center had a blast almost last complete beach party. I mentioned that almost last complete because some of those belong to that getaway were now in other part of the world. We were drifted apart by our goals. hehehehe.. It's our wishes that there will be a professional photographer that will capture our almost last moments and experienced a very accommodating and relaxing getaway into a different place like what a  Monaco grand prix packages can give.   For sure there will be a next time but maybe that will be held in next five years or so.  Fortunately by that time all of us can spend much of a grand reunion since by then we were all stable financially. *fingers crossed!*
For this year a summer blast with the family is what I am looking for. Good thing I am not the only one planning for it. It is so rare that we had this out of town plan. Since mom is a business addict and brothers had different getaways to attend. This time its us as a family that prioritizing for a getaway.

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Jag said...

Summer is fast approaching. I can even feel the summer heat...

kimmy said...

summer again! how time flies..

BNP said...

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