Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eigth Weeks on The Way

I have been wanting this day to come that I can finally brag about these! I am worried for a dear friend, reason why I can't post anything and just making hints of everything's happening. Now that I had the time to chat with her and told my reason I can barely reveal everything and express my happiness!
I am on my eight weeks of pregnancy.  I found it out early this month after suffering from a very disturbing dry cough that seems to be endless. It just came out of my head to have an accessible pregnancy kit before I take medicine and voila it brought a good news. First reaction to everything of coarse shock.Me and huny experienced that first reaction. It's like where in a new apartments that we don't know what to do first. After few minutes in state of shock we were silently screaming. Silently because it's the middle of the dawn and everyone's sleeping still. We immediately had plans what to do in the morning. As the sun shows we hurriedly went to my OB. Excited?! Super excited! Actually it's half worried as well. Knowing myself in the past month I have been back to my vices and started to love drinking alcohol again. I am that enthusiastic to know when the ovulation starts and how was it inside. Glad to hear from my OB that it's fine and ovulation just started a week after I had my full blast drank momentum. I am then relief and started to take care of myself to the fullest. And guess what a lot of my vices mates taking care of me as well! What a good feeling!

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f e R r y j H o i said...

naman naman naman!! hihi

Take a bunch of care kha!!
am happy for you!!!



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