Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heroes To Salute For

Everybody's aware of these catastrophic radiation from Japan. Everybody's worried and afraid of it of coarse. I give vows to these guys that helps and trying their best to protect the mankind even if it means of suffering themselves. They were not saving only their country men but the whole world. I wonder how did these guys decides when they were ask for this kind of job. Is the invitation for this job is like an email campaigns spread to everyone offering a best livelihood offers. Still it's  a heroic dedication  not even thinking of the compensation but risking their own lives. Radiation has a lot of bad effect to human's body. Especially if it is a direct contact. Even if they wears a lot of protective personal equipments. We can never tell what will happen to them after grappling the  said radiation. 
These guys were real life heroes deserves a salute of mankind.

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