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Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Do You Know


First of all this is not a movie review of James Brook movie "How Do You Know" with Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd etc.And this is absolutely nothing related to it. 

This is a big question now playing on my mind.I can say I have this guy friends I've known years ago and still in touch with until today. They were all now family man. They were all describes as a almost perfect husband and a father. That's what everybody around them knows. Actually that's all of the people knows about those guys/man. They have a very perfect family to describe. How come their wives never knew about the facts that I've known. I'm wondering why didn't they knew neither felt! It's acceptable that if those sins done long before marriage but not! It was just happening currently!Worsts this is not the first time! How do I know? They told me. They were my friends and they trusted me and shocks I knew the people involved! Sometimes I wanna say no so as I am safe that I know nothing but they were letting me knew it or  obviously showing it to my face. I have given totally good advices! As in totally good cause I am also a wife and I don't wanna experience same lies within my relationship if ever. But why did their wives never even felt somethings happening. One of the guys told me, a wife can only feel something is wrong if her man changes unusually. Gotcha! But still how come. I don't know how to convince these guys to be faithful to their wives and  I am slowly feeling afraid of the secrets they were sharing to me.If only I can say them I don't wanna hear anything but least that I can do because they were my friends.

Man no.1= faithful loving husband loving father(as known by wife and maybe every one) but playing along with fire with a different girl  (wife knew the girl)
Man no.2= faithful husband loving father , model family man to friends but has a complicated life now having two first baby in two different woman aside from original wife
Man no.3= happily married guy,so much in love with his wife (as all knows) still communicating with the unknown by all (except me;I know the girl cause they were both my friends way back in college) ex girlfriend
Man no.4= Happily committed living with current partner ( that's what all knows and observes) silently courting her dream girl since teenage years
Man no. 5= Proud loving husband and a father (but currently having an affair with an office mate)

I have two more to site but I can't, never asked permission yet. It's hard to keep secrets. I can't even share to my Huny because I don't want him to have an But Huny knew those 7 guy friends of mine personally. I share some details to him and relationship stories but not their sins. I just don't want to break their trusts.Before I posted it here, I asked permission. Since I don't name drop and never mentions any exact clues.

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ladyguinevere28 said...

wow.. friend your really a trusted friend. But really its difficult to keep that kind of secrets. Good luck

kha said...

I don't have at least here I can burst it all out..thanks for visiting ladyguinevere28