Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OD Missed Me

Hahaha I'm feeling it too My title seem to be bragging how I am important to my recent company. It's because they don't want to give me up and I am feeling it too much. I'm mean and I knew that duh!.lol! I am so much thankful that they did appreciated me and my effort . The operation manager keeps on reaching me and bargaining to me not just to leave the company. This maybe the result of my 2 months best performance I showed. I already submitted a resignation letter to my supervisor prior I leave work. The reason I didn't want to discuss it with the operation manager because I know she will not let go of me . She's so nice that even extent my benefits though I am not yet a regular employee. I appreciated it much but I don't think I will deserve it all since I am not sure if I can get back to the company after I gave birth.As much as I don't want to leave them I have no choice but to decide. I chose to instead of compromising the health of my soon first born. I have a very delicate pregnancy which I least expected. But for my baby's sake I will give up whatever I am with now just to take care of him/her. Besides this is also a strict rule of my hubby. For now I will content myself helping my hubby running the business and some pay per click services offered online that I can be part of. Here in the blogosphere I have heard a lot of work at home moms. If they can do it, well I have faith that I also can. Wish me luck. *winks*

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