Saturday, June 11, 2011

Forcing Myself

I am forcing myself to make this thing possible. Not because I am forced by the Boss but simply because I want to finish the task. I dedicated the whole day to tweak for the design but seems that I don't like the results. If I were only working with papers I think I spoiled a lot and made my trashcan full. Good thing it's just in the computer and don't need to clean my mess manually. I am tired but I don't want to stop. I have all the idea in my mind but wondering why can't I work it all on with my skill. I know I need to organize my thoughts first but this add consuming half of my brain.Probably the reason why I can't focus much. 
I wish I can at least make one that passes my own taste of style. By the way I am just formulating my design with the assumed personality of the person that I am making this for. I guess I am not so sure with my assumptions also one factor that I can't complete the design. Sigh. I know I can make it..

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f e R r y j H o i said...

ofcourse you CAN make it!!
Don't think too much kasi!! relax lang!! wala namang nag mamadali eh!!! and besides!! am sure whatever the results magugustuhan yan ng BOSS mo!!!

>> hihi

Gilay said...

Kha, may salitang "pahinga" pwede un gamitin... hehehe!


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