Sunday, June 5, 2011

Missing an Unplanned Gimik

 Year 2009 last unplanned getaway

It's been so long that I've experienced an unplanned getaway and those stuff like that was awesome. I am missing today that kind of getaway. Probably the reason why it doesn't happen anymore because we're in real life now. I mean more serious life not like before when I am still a student. Most of my friends will be needing to set an schedule first before we can have a get together.It is different now. A week or a month of notice prior we can booked for a schedule. Also the fact that we have now different priorities. Maybe this is what do others called, it feels so good t o be young and free. (Speaking like an old lady hahaha). Young, you have all the time and the option to commit little mistakes is acceptable. Free, free from obligations, contracts and responsibilities.

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Jag said...

Maybe you are now experiencing quarter life usually occurs after a young educated professional (like us) enters the real world and realized that it is TOUGHER, MEANER and VERY MUCH UNFORGIVING...

kha said...

wow..dugo naman ilong ko dito friend..hehheehehe..pero may tama ka.. pak!

ladyguinevere28 said...

Just slow down and dont forget to keep some of your friends in your busiest time. Time management ika nga..


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