Saturday, June 4, 2011

Troubleshoot Day

It's Saturday and troubleshoot day on our shop. After not hearing anything from our internet provider for two days, huny decided to make a cleaning of computers hardware and software last Thursday.The connection all throughout our place has been intermittent started last May 31st. People around seems can't live without internet and they were hunger for an internet shop that has a connection.As the customer service of the internet provider provides me some sort of technical issue in our place.  Fortunately the internet connection was back yesterday and kids from the block forced us to open the shop though I've said that the major cleaning was not yet done. I planned to open the shop today wherein all computers already done cleaning. But then again as I mentioned we opened the shop yesterday though some computers were not yet back in place. I didn't hear anything with our avid customers instead they content their selves for only 7 computers and patiently waits for their turn. Now, while some computers work and using by customers, I am pulling out those which haven't clean yet and individually give it to huny. The business still running with some sort of inconvenience to other customer expecting every computers was done. I already made an explanation early today and gladly they understand besides they knew about it if the computers were running slowly and need some software cleaning. They understand the benefit of partially inconvenience today.

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