Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Minute of Your Prayer

Dear Blogger Friends, 

I am asking a minute of your time to help us pray for my cousin's recovery. Their family is very dear to us for they, all of the family members helps us when my father suffers from his illness. They never stop caring for us. In just a simple return that we can give them back is best needed during this time. Kuya Christian, the guy in the video who recently just got married last July second, now suffering from a Lymphoma stage 4 leukemia. The illness was just diagnosed last Wednesday and now he's currently in coma. The only hope we have to wake him up is a great miracle from Him. A minute of your prayer will do best for him. Please help us .

Thank You,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still Craving @ 6 Month

I don't understand but all of a sudden I am craving for certain foods. Some of those I love to eat but some were just I wanna take a look.  Mom now wondering why am I like this. Seems like I am on my first trimester again. But she never complains that's why I love her most she supports me and my pregnancy :) . Even me myself wonders why am I feeling this. Just earlier, during lunch I ask for a longganisa but never tasted even a bit. I just love looking at it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Win $100 so Easy

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soccer in the Philippines

Whenever I watched a soccer game, I can't help but still feel the same old feeling during the old days I used to play the game. The excitement, the urge to goal at least one and a strong defense strategy right after. For us, players, soccer is not like basketball. Having one single goal is a big hope for every team that we will won. That we already lead the game. Because it is so hard to have a single score, bring the ball in a 78 feet long by 36 feet wide court with 11 opponents that will strive to get the ball out of one person. A soccer player runs five to eight miles a game. Stamina, determination and presence of mind despite of the very tiring game  were essentials. Soccer is passion. Not just a game. You really need to love, hug and endure the training. That why when a player scores, it's like heaven. It's like end of the game. 
  Unfortunately the game was just became famous here in the country just because of the appearance of Team Azkals. As I was introduced in that particular sport year 2002, there were already lots of best players of this game. Who haven't received enough support either from the universities or the government. I even played with kids ages 7 to 10, who plays at ASCOM in Fort Bonifacio, without shoes nor sheen guards but knew the mechanics and rules of the game. Amazingly in their age they plays best than us or even to army's who played soccer as hobbies.. In Rizal Park, there were group of street children whom supported by foreigners for the equipments just to play the game.They practiced everyday.  Probably foreigners saw the Filipino street children's potentials. There were a lot of players did best in this game maybe others already been pirated by other country's coaches.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Insight About Zaldy Ampatuan as Witness?

Zaldy Ampatuan
 It has been spread all over the media about the wish of this guy. Just a wish for I am as well one of those that did not believe his words. What's the sense of saying all those things already happened in the past. Where on earth will he get a credibility on his word for he is one of the principal suspects in the tragic Maguindanao Massacre? Now he wants to be a state witness against his family. That didn't make sense. It is only a strategy! As one of the lawyer of the family from the victims of the massacre, I believed as he stated that Zaldy is the only asset of the family. Whom studied and can think better than the other family member. As per the interview, ( I am not able to have the lawyer's  name cause I was just listening on the t.v while preparing hubby's packed meal) the lawyer said said,since Zaldy is capable of thinking smarter  because he is the only in their clan knew better, the family wanted him off to the case to protects their cronies. And to somehow hides more of their unclosed or never been exposed unlawful practices as their family runs the Maguindanao for years. I super agree with the lawyer's statement. And like as others reaction in the news I also prayed that the Department of Justice will be consistent and firm on their decision of not accepting his request. As DOJ secretary Leila Magistrado De Lima already expressed their rejection showing a thumbs down to media and verbalizes that they don't need any statement from Zaldy Ampatuan.

Probably Malacanang only entertains Zaldy Ampatuan's statement to get some piece of information on other anomalies that will help in the case of the former president Arroyo but seriously putting him out of jail is not an option. I guess so. That Malacanang play a tricky role for this guy who wanted to be free from his obligation from their acts. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Enjoyed the Crowded Place

I have been busy these past weeks. I am completing the church requirements for our upcoming (bloated me) wedding. Since I was baptized in a watery place of Malabon(lol) I have to get a copy of my baptismal with a print "for marriage purposes". The church we chose for our wedding didn't want the original baptismal I had with me without reading the note stated. Leaving me without a choice I have to get it on my own. And since I am not familiar with the place,I asked mom to accompanied me. I have never been there. Mom said since I was born in Fabella Hospital,  during that time they were forced by my Aunt (Papa's sister) to stay at her house in Malabon because Cavite is too far for mom to commute after giving birth. And as for norms policy, a newborn baby cannot travel without being baptized. In a split of a week I was unexpectedly baptized there because mom was in a hurried to go home in our own place here at Cavite.That resulted me having only a pair of grandparents. Which is only my cousin and aunt's  neighbor. 

The only way I knew how to get there was in the route from Recto. There is a jeepney to Gasak which was the place I have an errand to do. I really enjoyed the crowd. I missed being a student. I missed the places I used to have a drinking sessions with peers. I missed the places where we used to look for our school books and stuff for a cheap price.The places we empty our time doing nothing. And most especially the affordable clothes, cellphone,accessories and lots more in a student type pricing. I realized it has been so long that I haven't been visiting the place. After I graduated I am more often to business places but not in University Belt. I wanna be back again if I buy baby stuff. Again enjoying the crowd, window shopping and saving more. Never mind the tiring feet since there lots of benches or food chain I can take a sit whenever I feel tired.


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