Monday, July 4, 2011

Enjoyed the Crowded Place

I have been busy these past weeks. I am completing the church requirements for our upcoming (bloated me) wedding. Since I was baptized in a watery place of Malabon(lol) I have to get a copy of my baptismal with a print "for marriage purposes". The church we chose for our wedding didn't want the original baptismal I had with me without reading the note stated. Leaving me without a choice I have to get it on my own. And since I am not familiar with the place,I asked mom to accompanied me. I have never been there. Mom said since I was born in Fabella Hospital,  during that time they were forced by my Aunt (Papa's sister) to stay at her house in Malabon because Cavite is too far for mom to commute after giving birth. And as for norms policy, a newborn baby cannot travel without being baptized. In a split of a week I was unexpectedly baptized there because mom was in a hurried to go home in our own place here at Cavite.That resulted me having only a pair of grandparents. Which is only my cousin and aunt's  neighbor. 

The only way I knew how to get there was in the route from Recto. There is a jeepney to Gasak which was the place I have an errand to do. I really enjoyed the crowd. I missed being a student. I missed the places I used to have a drinking sessions with peers. I missed the places where we used to look for our school books and stuff for a cheap price.The places we empty our time doing nothing. And most especially the affordable clothes, cellphone,accessories and lots more in a student type pricing. I realized it has been so long that I haven't been visiting the place. After I graduated I am more often to business places but not in University Belt. I wanna be back again if I buy baby stuff. Again enjoying the crowd, window shopping and saving more. Never mind the tiring feet since there lots of benches or food chain I can take a sit whenever I feel tired.

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