Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank You So Much

I don't know how to express my deepest thanks to these lovely couple. They really help me a lot in the recent very special event of my life. As a friend I know and she did make sure everything will be all set though I  felt she somehow feels disappointed.
I need not to focus on the bad side. I just wanna thanks these people who surprisingly exists when the time I needed the most. Not just exists but do the tasks most which we never expects that they will go extra mile to be of help. That alters those persons most I expected actually volunteered their selves. We (honey and I ) were so much thankful for the time, the effort, the importance you both gave and the never ending  reminders and help you did and gave to us. How will we ever payback your goodness!. 
Count me in Boss on your requests! Rather say were now two to help you guys! Gracias BIG TIME!

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