Friday, August 5, 2011

A Not so Happy Reunion

Good thing about our clan ( Dad's side) is that we everyone shows whenever tragic happens. Their siblings bond was inherited by us and even to younger generations. Dad has 9 siblings excluded him. So basically they were 10. My father was the first even prior to their mom, but followed our grand father to a never ending life. In case like these, all of his siblings and even their cousins show up and let us feel their love for my father. Tragic like this somehow became a happy reunion. For everyone shows up whenever part of the world they were. Indeed that bond is really like that. Impractical yes but they don't want to miss the last good bye of my father. So my father's wake during that time became more lively and not so sad event at all. Since they consider dad as the family's clown. This kind of a not so happy reunion will be repeated this Saturday. My cousin I posted last, who suffers leukemia already joined the Almighty's kingdom. In a span of a week knowing he had the illness. As I mentioned on my last post that the progress of his illnes was not traceable and the prognosis metastasize too fast.We are so sorry and sad for the lost of one of our family  if only we have known or even just to prevent this kind of a very surprising tragic even, we shouldv'e advised everyone to have a Medicare supplement. In this case we will be all at peace knowing everyone's health is secured and maintained. Since a lot of best Medigap plans everywhere that we can avail for each family members. I believe that anyone should not thrift their selves when it talks about health. It was really hard for us to accept what had happened to our very first civil engineer board topnatcher for his life to be ended that way. But we were not asking God why this  all happens instead somehow thank him, for not letting my dear cousin suffer much. At least he really enjoyed his life that seems to be colorful and meaningful trough the years.

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