Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Postponed Honeymoon

 I have posted in my other blog about our supposedly honeymoon. It was a scheduled booked two way ticket wherein we will be enjoying day after our wedding day. But because of my current condition on my pregnancy, which is actually not a very serious one, we have to let go off with the plan. For the safety of our bundle of joy. I already posted here that for our baby's sake everything as in everything we can give at stake not just to compromise the little angel.  Honey said even if we will be offered a hot medical penny stocks for that trip, still he will not going to pursue with that trip as my OB's advise. HE said the tour can wait that we need not to hurry but worry. But he promised to booked the same trip when we will already three. With our little angel with us. It must've been a very exciting and a happy tour for us. So as for now we will be focusing on the arrival of our angel and next to it is the visit to our godfather in Cebu.

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Ronadelle said...

Hello Kha! You're not alone in this agony because we had our postponed honeymoon due to a typhooon. We were supposedly going to Subic the day after our wedding. And so, I settled on to my husband's promise to have it on October instead. Fair enough kasi may pasok. Hehe. Where's my help by the way! I need you. I need you. Huhuhu.

kimmy said...

well.. i hope you all the best and good luck on your new little angel. left you a kiss, girl. hope you kiss me back..


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